Resin System

We specialized and unique supplier to the plastics, coatings, and the adhesives & sealants markets. We offer a comprehensive range of intermediates, precursors, and complementary additives. Our broad product portfolio provides solutions to a diverse set of customers and delivers essential performance, competitive pricing, reliable supply, and unmatched customer service. Our multiple touch points in the value chain and extensive logistics expertise allow us to design and build customized supply solutions for our customers.

Polymer Additives

EZ Chem’s comprehensive product portfolio includes Plasticizers, Fatty Acids, Waxes & Lubricants, Epoxidized Oils, Viscosity Modifiers, and Fire Retardants are compatible with multiple polymer systems.

Plasticizers ​

They are used to increase the plasticity and fluidity of the material; their main application is in polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


it act as secondary plasticizers, co-stabilizers and acid scavengers which add flexibility and extend the lifetime of PVC and other polymers.

Fire Retardants​

It inhibit flames and suppress smoke in the occurrence of a fire.

Fatty Acids, Waxes & Lubricants

They are used to improve the internal and external lubrication in materials processing.

Viscosity Modifiers

It improve the performance of functional fluids by enhancing the stability.

Plasticizer Precursors​

We understand that just as plasticizers are essential to PVC and the many applications it touches, so are the precursors. Anhydrides, Alcohols and Acids are used in the production of Ortho-Phthalates, Adipates, Sebacates, Citrates, Terephthalates, and Trimellitates.

Viscosity Modifiers

EZ Chem’s extensive supply chain and experienced operations team ensures our customers a safe and reliable supply of key intermediates to their vinyl production lines.

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