EZ Chem, LLC has over 75+ years of combined experience sourcing chemicals, resin systems, skin care chemicals, polymers, product sales, financing, transportation, and distribution. Nothing comes as a surprise to us, and unplanned occurrences are handled swiftly and professionally.

We’ve got a source for that!

sourcing chemicals


Our success is based on keeping it simple. Understanding our customers is at the core of our business. We provide a platform that simplicity, the manner of ease and professional approach helps our customers and suppliers confidentially navigate sourcing internationally. Anywhere in the world we are capable of sourcing products. Source to destination has never been easier for our customers.


We are a worldwide trading and distribution firm in the Chemical and Polymer space.

Exceptional Sales assistance is paramount to our corporate customer service philosophy. We stand ready to ensure your success.

We also provide toll manufacturing and private labeling.

Buyers and sellers know us well!

We’ve got a source for that!


We work closely with highly reputable domestic and international financial institutions. This allows us to provide favorable terms for our customers and partners. Whatever your preferred terms and payment options, we can facilitate and negotiate optimal financing solutions for your business. If your terms are not standard, we persevere to come to a win-win mutually acceptable agreement.


We move products safely and expeditiously. Whether domestically or between continents via rail, water, or road. We have maintained a professional network of freight forwarders, shipping lines and warehouses to move materials worldwide.

Rail, water or road – no problem!

Logistics is key!


Rest assured, EZ Chem, LLC gets the product to where and when it’s needed.

We represent polymer and chemical manufacturers from all corners of the earth. Built on our experience, we have achieved a level of efficiency as logistic professionals utilizing a vast network of global warehouses, freight companies and specialized carriers.

Value is added every step of the way as we also provide repackaging and other services where and when it’s needed. Have a special carrier request? Just let us know! Where there is a request there is also the perfect and viable solution.

EZ Chem, LLC is an environmentally aware organization, and we ensure our products are shipped, warehoused and treated with the utmost care.


We believe quality is more than meeting material specifications. Our packaging will exceed your standards and expectations. Private labeling and specialty packaging is also available. Contact us to discuss your packaging requirements.

Everything gets a safe ride

We make sourcing your chemicals so easy ...we named our company after it!
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